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Hey, I’m Lex, Founder of Vibes Candles™. Wife, fur mom, candle lover, coffee lover, sun lover and graphic designer. I work from my office/studio in Massachusetts where I think up, create and make each and every Vibey product. My days are filled with making candles, designing new collections and products, packing orders, drinking coffee, cuddling my pup and spending time with my hubby. I love creating beautiful things that can become a positive and inspiring part of your life forever. 


Vibes Candles™ are special in their ability to help you stop and reconnect when your light goes out. The embedded crystals pick up your unique vibrational energy and amplify the positive feelings you want to cultivate when your candle burns, Setting The Vibe™️ in your space with good vibes long after the flame goes out.



Vibes Candles are award Winning Crystal Candles. Hand-poured by Lex in small batches out of the Vibiest studio in Massachusetts. Using a coconut and soy wax blend that has the prettiest creamy white appearance and has maximum burning performance qualities. Paired with 100% Wooden Wicks that are FSC certified, setting the Vibe like a mini fireplace with a relaxing crackle sound while you burn. Our crystal candles are scented with custom blended fragrances that are unique to each crystal candle. Each candle is then hand placed with a polished stone and crystal chips to set your intentions to. The crystals can also be collectibles and can be used after your candle is complete.