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Good Vibes Bundle

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Keep your sacred space cleansed of negativity with our Good Vibes Bundle. You will receive one white sage stick, one rough selenite charging stick and one cleansing palo santo stick.

WHITE SAGE used to cleanse yourself, objects or your space. You can burn sage to set a calm and cleansed environment while manifesting and setting intentions.

SELENITE is an excellent stone to dispels negative energy and removes energy blocks, making it the perfect “Protection Stone”.

PALO SANTO is used to cleanse and purify energy and inspires creativity.


• 1 Selenite Wand
• 1 Palo Santo Stick
• 1 White Sage Stick
• 1 “It’s Lit” Match box
• Packed in an iridescent pouch with information and instructions card.

*All Palo Santo products are cut from the heartwood of naturally fallen trees & produced in strict accordance with governmental guidelines regulating the collection, processing, & global distribution of Palo Santo. We support responsible, regenerative sourcing practices, & contribute to active reforestation efforts to ensure a long-term supply of the Bursera graveolens tree for future generations. Sustainably sourced from Peru.


Carefully light one end using a small flame. Allow end to burn for a few seconds, then quickly blow out flame. Place smoking stick on fire safe surface - e.g. metal or clay bowl, shell, crystal agate dish. Keep a small dish or cup of water nearby for quick distinguishing.


Use with extreme caution. Do not leave burning or smoldering stick unattended. Keep out of reach of children.