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Cleanse It Mini Box Bundle

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Cleanse & Purify your space with our perfect Palo Santo & Sage Bundle Box. Includes our Palo Santo and Sage Tin Candle, 1 Match Box and our Good Vibes Bundle. Packaged up in a pretty little black box and wrapped in white and gold twine, ready for gift giving.

Light our Palo Santo + Sage Candle while cleansing and purifying your space with our Good Vibes Bundle to enhance your cleansing ritual.

Every Monday I start the week off my cleansing and purifying my space with our Good Vibes Bundle which includes one Palo Santo Stick, one White SageStick and one Selenite Wand. I open the windows, light both Palo Santo and White Sage and cleanse my space, rid of any lingering energies that don't belong and start a fresh new day. I took those cleansing fragrances and created a fragrance blend for our New Palo Santo + Sage candle. Light your candle while cleansing and purifying with our Good Vibes Bundle. The ultimate cleanse!

A cleansing Palo Santo and Sage blend with grounding cedarwood and clove.

• Bundle Includes: 1 5.5 oz. Palo Santo & Sage Tin, 1 White Match Box and 1 Good Vibes Bundle (1 Palo Santo Stick, 1 White Sage Stick, 1 Selenite Wand)
• Packaged in a black box and wrapped in gold and white twine
• Coconut & Soy Wax Blend
• Crackling Wooden Wick
• Custom Blended Fragrances

Hand-poured in the vibiest little studio out of Massachusetts.