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Aura Crystal Candle - Smokey Quartz

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All living things are surrounded by an Aura, which is an oval-shaped, colored band of sound, light and vibration. My New Aura Collection was created so that you can feel connected. Your Aura changes depending on the experiences you have and the emotions you feel. Light your Aura Crystal Candle and feel the good vibes surround you.


Smokey Quartz is a powerful crystal that moves negative energies out of your aura. The stone absorbs and transmutes the negative energy deep into the earth for grounding. Meditating with Smokey Quartz can bring information from other realms into the physical


Those with tan in their auras love to analyze, learn, and understand three-dimensional reality and then enjoy living a comfortable, secure and stable life.


Floral dahlia petals melt into patchouli settling into light birch bark. 


• 13oz. Crystal Candle
• Embedded with large, raw Smokey Quartz Crystals and Crystal chips
• Reusable Iridescent Heavyweight Glass Vessel
• Coconut & Soy Wax Blend
• Crackling Wooden Wick
• Phthalate Free Custom Blended Fragrances
• Packaged in a Vibey Drawstring Pouch with Match Box
• 60+ Hour Burn Time

Handpoured in the Vibiest Studio in Massachusetts


*Crystal shown are to demonstrate variation in appearance - color, shape, size, etc. Please keep in mind that the Crystals will be very similar but not identical. Posted photographs are to provide an idea of the typical sizes, colors and shapes. Crystals come from our Earth, are cut, cleaned, and cleansed under the moonlight. Some crystal will have inclusions and earth in them as this is how Crystals are made. Crystal chips may also be loose which doesn’t affect your Crystal Candle performance.




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