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Vibes Candles are hand poured out of a little studio in Massachusetts using a superior quality wax blend of Coconut and Natural Soy. This blend has a creamy white appearance and provides an amazingly good fragrance throw. It is FDA approved, environmentally friendly, and health conscious. When using our candle burning tips, Vibes Candles burn evenly and clean.

We add a small amount of food grade paraffin into our wax because we have found it to enhance the performance of our wax and give an excellent hot throw. Scientific studies have proven paraffin wax to burn just as cleanly as soy, beeswax, or palm. And the highly refined food-grade nature of our paraffin puts it in the natural category. This study has been performed by the National Candle Association.


A few years back when I first started to do my research on supplies and ingredients that I wanted to use in Vibes Candles I came across Wooden Wicks. I haven’t really heard of them since they were so new to the market but they totally interested me. I wanted Vibes Candles to be different, unique and bring the most Vibiest ambiance to your space. Not only are the Wooden Wicks I use 100% wood, they are naturally processed and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified mills and manufactured right here in the USA. Now that is a VIBE.


Our eco-friendly Wooden Wicks are known for their crackling sounds, like a mini fireplace as I like to say. Creating the most relaxing and chill Vibe for your space. Our Wooden Wicks also help throw more heat into the wax which means the fragrance throw will be fragrant AF, but not’s just right.


Our Wooden Wicks burn more evenly because of their wide base which creates a shorter and wider flame height. This also keeps the flame height safe for use. They are able to create a large, even melt pool which means no tunneling or unevenness when burning. Also, wooden wicks don’t “mushroom” the way cotton wicks do! That means minimal carbon buildup and minimal debris and sooting.

*Wooden Wicks are patented by:


The fragrances for Vibes Candles are not your ordinary fragrances, or potions, as Lex likes to call them. Our potions are unique, sophisticated, and magical and selected to match the feeling of each crystal. Our candle fragrances contain a combination of essential oils and fragrance oils that are formulated for optimum performance. All fragrances are phthalate free and paraben free, high-end luxury of superior quality.

As you sit by your candle to focus on bringing positive energy and light into your life, these potions will relax you and fill your room with good vibes. 


The magic behind Vibes Candles™ comes from the crystals that are handpicked by us from suppliers around the world. When the crystals arrive to our studio, they are washed and cleansed under the moonlight to clear their vibrations. Since crystals hold onto positive and negative energies, this cleansing process resets each crystal so they are ready to pass on and be charged with your personal intentions.  

Choose the crystal that speaks to your personal situation and needs.


We love to help reduce waste on our planet by reusing our vessels. That’s why we’ve created vessels we think would be easy and beautiful to reuse in your space. Its design will flow perfectly in any space and can be reused around your home.  After you’re done burning your candle clean the vessel with warm water and soap, let dry and you’re ready to repurpose. We love to use our vessels for makeup brushes, office supplies, match sticks or a vase. Our favorite way to reuse our vessels, is by turning it into a mini magical Crystal planter.